The Do’s and Don’t of Driving A Sports Race Car

Most sports car racer feels the Saturday night brief racing is nothing but a trial by error sporting activities. Some of them don’t have huge budgets and also free time within the week to experiment new driving ideas.

So, they derive knowledge from only two origins: getting professional advice from a more experienced driver and also putting new ideas into practice all by yourself on the race track.

You might be lucky to authenticate whether a particular skill works or not during the period of your brief practice before the qualification series.

But you can be entirely sure that the new set of ideas will be perfect until you find yourself in the heat of competition.

Just by practicing, some races learn news skills in driving by merely going out there on the track and doing it. Techniques for operating in a sports car race are something that the driver has to improve personally.

If you had a great night on the racetrack, remember all you have learned that day for you to practice on it again the following week. But always remember that mistake can be very costly, so be careful still.

Making a mistake on the night race practice can cause broken parts, hurt feelings, injuries, waves of anger, or even staying late in the repair garage with an event of not going to the racetrack the following week.

The main reason why it’s necessary to do away with dangerous driving habit before getting started.production car racing

Though, it is fantastic to learn from your mistakes but also not ideal for your mistake to cost you anguish, cold or even your hard earned money. Always pay utmost attention to everything that is happening in your presence and also behind you to avoid mistakes. Don’t take a random chance that seems to be too risky. The first lap never determines the winner(remember this always).

Show respect to every other racer on the track for you to also gain some respect. Always drive with skills that will be pleasing to other runners, the same driving pattern that you can accept from others. Remember, sports car racing is a high-priced sport.

Always Maintain Your Line Only

Avoid following the guy in front of you because if you continue to chase him, you will have to do what he does and eventually make the same mistake that he will make.

Abiding by this rule might sound simple to keep, but it’s easier to slip into this kind of habit quickly. When you are in close chase of a car, all that will come to your mind is a way to overtake. It will only lead to drive in the same line with him.

For you to get around your competitors, you would need to confuse him by changing lines carefully. Change lines often, switch your apex or do something that will create room for a mistake from him then make good use of the situation to your favour.

On the same line, the most driver still sticks to the old habit because the harsh and rough driving got many professionals to where they are today. By so doing, they push their car beyond limits and also overworking the engine and tires.

Almost everyone’s vehicle is capable of running a few laps of overwork but what you notice next would be the tire falling off and your driving begins to change.

That is as a result of overdriving your automobile. You need to drive the car appropriately from the early beginning of the race so it can take you through the race without a need for urgent repair.

You also need to carry research on how best the car wants it driven; with a full tank of gasoline, half load of gas or quarter. How do you intend to modify your driving manner when your car tires have worn out compared to when they are still brand new? Being capable of doing makes the disparity between losing and winning.

Do Not Over-Drive Your Car

It’s very crucial for you not to form the practice of pushing your sports race car over its limit. Pushing it beyond its capacity will wear it out quickly. It’s generally believed that it is wrong proper to push the accelerator and the brake simultaneously.

It hardly works out fine.

The brake gets overheat very fast when you are on both the brake and gas. It could also be challenging to make your car rotate if you apply to break soon.

The best practice is to use the brake before getting to the turn and allow the vehicle to roll. The method makes the suspension assist your car in rotating. Though the outcome of this driving technique might be slow, be sure that it will be efficient.

Never Harm your Tires

One major issue with a racer that has no driving experience is that they tend to over press the gas pedal when negotiating a bend/turn. It’s one of the attitudes that distinguishes boys from the men.

With the kind of power coming from the engines, it will be easier to apply the engine more throttle, and the tire gets spun. It’s easy to do this on a short racing track or a flat racing tracks with firm turns.

When you do that, you end up frying the tires at the rear. It eventually put too much heat on the tires, and they get worn out quickly. The best racing laps are when your tires are in great shape and not when you change it often in the cause of the competitions.

Tires are meant to last for some time, but when they get spun consistently, then the most valuable traction goes off very quickly.

grand prix motor racingTires tend to get abused by most drivers often, but you need to do things differently.

Try to keep the car momentum through the turns and also get into the acceleration smoothly, and increase your speed.

It could take unique skill to be able to accelerate your car to an extent your vehicle can handle without spinning your tires.

But if you can do that, your automobile will run faster all through the crucial laps.

Having a smooth drive when your tires are worn out will be tricky. You would have a minor grip to the track, and your car would want to spin itself out of the race track.

When you lose your grip, it will be difficult for the vehicle not to twist. Pump the gas a bit quickly and allow the pressure from the engine to command the automobile spin. The intention here is to prevent the motor from wrecking the wheels by even been smoother on the accelerator more than before.

Have an Excellent Spotter

It’s imperative that you have a great spotter to work with you, mostly during restarts. When all cars get lined up for a start, it could be tricky for you to spot what is ahead of you especially if you are behind more than five vehicles. That is when you would need the service of a great spotter.

He will be in a position to inform you about what the lead cars are up to, either taking the green flag or if they are pulling over at the last minutes for stacking up on the course before zooming off again.

Put your spotter on his toes to always inform you about the right lane for you at the very moment or about any trouble that might be coming way.

Finally, one most vital tips to always remember is that you should race others the same way you would want others to compete with you. Still, show respect to your competitors and their machines. If you fail to abide, then expect the same attitude from others.

Knowing what goes on with 3-5 vehicles before you could be a difficult task. That’s when you need the assistance of a great spotter to pass information about what is going behind and ahead of you.

He’s your additional set of eyes to relief you of multiple functions. As long as you are behind the wheel, your spotter must always be on his toes to give information about what exactly is happening around and make sure you don’t get into troubles.

Avoid Taking Banned Substances or Drugs or Supplements

As a sports car racer, taking any banned substances or drugs will result in some serious consequences.

Banned substances for fitness, bodybuilding, weightloss and sports generally such as clenbuterol cycle bodybuilding

are usually taken as a way of improving athletic performance and even though prohibited, some individuals still use them. There are legal, financial, social and health consequences associated with using prohibited substances.

Health consequences: The overall effect of using these prohibited substances can be detrimental to your health and as an athlete you need to be healthy.  These health consequences could either be physical or mental.

At times, the physical health consequences can be so severe that they cannot be reversed e.g. damage to the liver and kidneys.

The severity of the consequences usually depends on the banned substance, the frequency of use, and the dosage.

These banned substances can also impair the mind often leading to hallucinations and anxiety; two of the worst mental states that a driver can be in during a race. These mental states could lead to an accident.

Legal consequences: Using these prohibited drugs could have significant legal consequences.

An offender faces being banned from taking part in any future competitions and the ban could last for several months. And just in case one is a repeat offender, the ban could last forever.

Financial consequences: Apart from spending lots of money in purchasing these substances, testing positive for these drugs means that you will not be racing again anytime soon.

This means that your source of income has just vanished into thin air and your lifestyle could definitely be affected too! Your sponsors may also no longer want to associate with you leading to further loss of income.

Social consequences: If you test positive for one of the banned substances, your career a sports car racer is basically over. That is how serious things are!

And unfortunately, no one will believe you even if you test negative in the future. The affected persons end up losing respect and credibility and eventually become isolated by friends and family.

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