East Coast Stock Super Stock

Racers Fred and Paul Reich organized the association in 1993. The objective was to provide an organized forum for area stock and super stock class racers to get some extra seat time during those week ends when there were no NHRA points meets or national events close by, without reverting to racing in a typical bracket race program.

The atmosphere at our races is friendly and relaxed. Make no mistake, the competitive spirit is right there, but the “undue” pressure isn’t. You can actually combine your “test and tune” efforts on a race day AND compete in our race program, thus providing a dual benefit.

The payouts are pretty decent too! We begin paying after the second round. Of course, the pay out amount depends upon the size of the field, so as the car count grows, so does the pot.

Our series races are held at Atco raceway and we also have special events at Various Division 1 Tracks.

There are two options for participating:

You can join the association at the beginning of the season and pay the annual dues Or Simply participate and pay on a race by race basis.

Your race car must be a current NHRA or IHRA approved stock or super stock race car and the driver must have a current/active NHRA/IHRA license. All ATCO rules and track regulations apply, of course, and our program is a complete “dial in” format, with no forced heads up runs.

The Association’s leadership is currently provided by Dave Ley.

The fundamental operating principles of the association mimic those of an informal non-profit organization. There is no hierarchy of officers and personnel. The organization and it’s output is provided for the benefit of the area Division One racers, by Dave, out of a sheer love for the sport. Dave is “an army of one”, but does have a small contingent of associates that pitch in as needed.

All of the funds collected are returned to the racers as prize money.

We value all of the assistance from our sponsors and look forward to expanding our list of sponsors to create additional benefits to our racers, in the form of discounts and special gift certificates. If you would like to know more about becoming a sponsor, contact Dave.